What features can I use in the Free plan?

The Free plan has everything to empower your customers to experience Amazon-like automated support on your Shopify store:

  • Helpbot - Automate your support 24X7 with Faqprime Helpbot 'All help in one place' (FAQ+Contact us+WhatsApp+Track order). No need to hire additional chat support agents to answer repeated queries like 'Where is my order'.
  • Help Center/FAQ Page - Create a multilingual, SEO-friendly beautiful Help center/FAQ page organized into categories with google-like autocomplete search. Style the page to match your store theme.
  • FAQ Templates - Edit/change 25 pre-filled FAQs, add images, videos & links. Make them active/inactive and hit the 'Save' button. The changes will automatically reflect in both the Helpbot and the FAQ page.
  • WhatsApp Chat button - Unlimited WhatsApp chats, add multiple support agents/WhatsApp phone numbers, use avatars for support agents.
  • WhatsApp Social Share button - to increase referral sales and revenue on your store. Choose from multiple social share and follow options.
  • Contact us Form Page with Captcha - Receive the customer support inquiries via Email. Configure your email ID and set the field as required or optional.
  • Track Order Page - Branded Track order page & Helpbot to help your customers through an intuitive self-service experience to get the delivery status of their order.
  • Callout card that increases clicks on Helpbot.
  • Customization - Style your Helpbot by changing theme colour, the position of the bot, button text and more.
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